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Board Development

Board Development

Connie Ho has served as a board of director and interim board member in local community associations. She provides Board Development services to help organizations strengthen their capacities and infrastructure. Her experience includes board governance, board effectiveness, committee management, policies and procedures.

Board Management

  • Provided Board Management and strategic direction to the Calgary Chinese Community Services Association for two years. Organized board meetings, set meeting agenda, minutes taking, developed capacity to enable the transition from a Policy Board to a Functional Board whereby board members have assigned functions to accomplish.
  • Managed sub-committees including the Personnel Committee and Education Committee. Set up terms of reference and roles of committee members. Revamped governance structure to accommodate the organization’s changing needs.
  • Conducted a staff performance review to gauge organizational effectiveness. Collected input from ED, program coordinators, and front line staff on on issues relating to agency operation, service delivery, job satisfaction, goals, and team work. Amended policy manual relating to hiring, job duties, salary and tenure based on the staff performance review.

Calgary Chinese Community Services Association

Connie Ho with board of directors of Calgary Chinese Community Services Association – Empowers the Chinese community through education, facilitation and advocacy in addressing multicultural and diversity issues.

Board Governance

  • Provided board governance and advice to Calgary Learns, a granting agency that supports foundational learning for adults. Reviewed Executive Director’s reports to ensure fulfillment of organization mandate and activities supported. Approved operational decisions, assessed grant allocation to community agencies for fiscal balance.
  • Promoted community partnerships and pilot initiatives that championed innovation in adult learning. Launched board recruitment, retention and appreciation strategies.

Board Orientation

  • Provided board orientation and basic board education to executive members of the Ecssen Career School, a newly formed nonprofit seeking to acquire a charitable status. Offered guidance in board policies, meeting procedures, team building, and fund development. Clarified responsibilities and fiduciary duties of board members.
  • Offered advice in board functions and board effectiveness, identified barriers of communication. Implemented mechanisms in streamlining board meetings. Simplified board procedures through goal setting and issue prioritizing.