Connie Ho Consulting

Non-Profit Management, Organization Development, Research

Consultation & Facilitation

Consultation & Facilitation

Connie Ho offers services in public consultation, group facilitation, training workshop, and learning session. Here are some examples of her work with different associations.

Public Consultation

  • Organized, facilitated and wrote summary notes for the public forum “Foreign Credentials and Immigrants in Canada”, launched by the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. Developed program content and discussion themes, gathered community input on immigration policies, government programs, employment barriers facing immigrants, and skills upgrading. 100 participants attended this event.
  • Organized, facilitated, wrote summary notes for the public forum “Diversity and Health Care Services in Canada”. Developed program content and discussion themes. Gathered community input on cultural competency, public healthcare, language and cultural barriers facing immigrants, access to health services. 70 participants attended this event.

Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary

Connie Ho with members of Ethno Cultural Council of Calgary – Facilitates the collective voice of visible minority communities to influence social, economic, and political change through collaborative action.

Group Facilitation

  • Facilitated dialogue and wrote discussion notes for the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. Led discussions on issues relating to the formation of a national women advocacy organization in Canada. Gathered views on the advantages and challenges of establishing this entity. Moderated discussions on various issues affecting women, e.g. family, marriage, women’s rights, career choices and education.
  • Facilitated a series of stakeholder meetings for the initiative “Immigrant Children and Youth in Calgary”. Scheduled task group meetings, took meeting minutes, moderated discussions on ESL education, challenges faced by ESL students and school teachers. The meetings consisted of diverse stakeholders including the United Way, Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth, Coalition for Equal Access to Education, Calgary Board of Education.

Training Workshops, Learning Sessions

  • Delivered a series of ESL training workshops to Francophone learners. Promoted interaction and group discussion to enhance learning.
  • Facilitated a learning session for students at Concordia University. Promoted interaction and exchange on current social issues.
  • Facilitated learning sessions for students at University of Calgary. Promoted exchange on research methods and data collection for academics.