Connie Ho Consulting

Non-Profit Management, Organization Development, Research

Program Management

Program Management

Connie Ho has provided services in Program Management to different organizations. Her work includes multi-year program planning, pilot project coordination, member engagement initiatives, and support to various community programs.

Program Support

  • Established process and procedures for a research unit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Designed a tracking system to streamline the consultations between hospital physicians and university researchers. Screened research grant applications and protocols for accuracy. Collected feedback and evaluations from service users.
  • Developed strategic partnerships and joint activities between mainstream organizations and ethno-specific agencies through the “Community Consortium Initiative”. Set up terms of reference, models of collaboration, operational guidelines, and governance structure. This initiative provided a one-stop shop for community news, information sharing and action mobilizing on key issues.

Alberta Children’s Hospital

Connie Ho with staff of Alberta Children’s Hospital – Commits to providing accessible, comprehensive, integrated and coordinated health services, leading excellence in family-centred care.

Program Coordination

  • Provided support to the “Annual Child Health Research Symposium”, 2 two-day event on pediatric research organized jointly by the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, University of Calgary, Child Health Research Group, Institute of Maternal & Child Health. Worked with the Organizing Committee to develop various symposium materials, e.g. event program, communications documents, speakers’ bio, and presentation summaries.
  • Provided support to the “Volunteer Training Program” at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. Implemented volunteer recruitment and retention strategies. Developed volunteer training materials and volunteer appreciation initiatives.

Program Planning

  • Worked with the ED to develop a pilot project entitled “Voter Education for Newcomers” for Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. This project offered basic understanding of Canada’s political system including elections, voting, rights and citizenship. Set project goals and thematic content. Developed delivery model, wrote job descriptions, assessed program relevancy and eligibility, and funder liaison.
  • Provided strategic advice to the province-wide initiative “Improving ESL Education in Alberta”, undertook by the Coalition for Equal Access to Education. Reviewed program reports and supporting documents to identify strengths and weakness. Aligned organizational goals with activities and outcomes. Assessed overall planning of the “Presentation to the Standing Policy Committee on Learning and Employment of the Government of Alberta”.