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Non-Profit Management, Organization Development, Research

Services For Organization, Charity, Government

Board Development

Board of directors is entrusted with governance and financial stewardship of organizations. A board governs with established policies and objectives. To enhance your organization’s performance, Board Development is essential. Let me help you.

  • Establish roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Align mandate with anticipated outcomes
  • Clarify board policies and procedures
  • Simplify board proceedings
  • Set up governance structure
  • Facilitate board training or board orientation
  • Manage standing committees or ad hoc committees

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Consultation & Facilitation

Consultation and Facilitation are dynamic processes. They involve constructive and meaningful dialogue among individuals. Open dialogue helps understand your community and members, thereby making positive changes. Consultation and Facilitation are pivotal to organizations because they inform and improve realities. Here is what I do.

  • Lead public consultations to gauge opinions
  • Facilitate training sessions or cross-cultural workshops
  • Explore reactions on proposed initiatives
  • Identify priorities, needs and solutions through dialogue
  • Facilitate community forums on emerging issues
  • Mobilize member participation in major issues
  • Facilitate focus groups or interviews

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Program Management

Whether you are a charity, social organization or government department, Program Management is critical. Programs are designed to address the needs of communities. Effective programs improve the social, economic, physical or mental well being of individuals. Working with your external or internal stakeholders, I can help:

  • Develop workplan, budget and terms of reference
  • Align project goals to scheduled activities
  • Develop guidelines on service delivery
  • Set up processes or reporting systems to monitor work flow
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement
  • Assess project effectiveness
  • Evaluate program consistency and implications

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is to define goals, direction and operation of your association. The key is “what should we do?” and “How do we do that?”. Without a well articulated strategic plan, it is hard to direct collective effort towards achieving your mandate. By working with your staff and senior management, I can help:

  • Develop agency planning, whether multi-year or yearly
  • Facilitate strategic thinking and critical analysis
  • Identify opportunities and challenges of the organization
  • Optimize manpower and resource deployment
  • Amend existing policies or develop new ones
  • Develop a sustainable model of operation
  • Set up targets and timeline to meet objectives

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Research & Reports

Research and Reports provide vital information. Whether it is program delivery, public consultation, or policy planning, you need data and facts to guide your decision. Research and Reports allow you to implement programs, streamline operation, provide accountability to funders, and generate knowledge transfer. My services include:

    Research Projects
    – Conduct data collection, literature review, interviews
    – Assist in any aspects (coordination, consulting, liaison) of a multi-sector research project
    – Prepare progress reports or feedback reports on major initiatives
    – Compile commissioned reports on subject matter
    Special Studies
    – Write position papers in support of changes
    – Undertake special studies to inform issues or gaps
    – Compile funding proposals or project plans
    – Compile formal submissions or government briefings
    Communications Documents
    – Write donor or membership communications
    – Write newsletter or communiqué
    Policy Analysis
    – Analyse policy implications
    – Develop policy recommendations and feasible action
    Learning Resources
    – Prepare resource handbooks for knowledge sharing
    – Design training manuals or customized learning for workplace

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