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Non-Profit Management, Organization Development, Research

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Connie Ho offers services in Strategic Planning and Association Planning. The objective is to help organizations build capacity from within. Connie helps you set goals, priorities and milestones. Your organization will achieve a stable path with predictable results. Her experience is as follows.

Strategic Planning

  • Developed strategies to enable the formation of the “Community University Research Alliance” (CURA). Liaised with various stakeholders to create a multi-year research partnership between community organizations and the University of Calgary. Prepared invitation letters, drafted preliminary proposal, models of collaboration, and policy initiatives. Participants included Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations.
  • Designed a three-year program entitled “Building Civic Participation through Community Education, Research and Social Action” . Worked with ED and Executive Board in planning and developing a series of community engagement initiatives. Developed work plans, resource assessment, outcome measurement, and budget forecast. This program is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

Connie Ho with staff of Calgary Catholic Immigration Society – Helps refugees and immigrants resettle, integrate and become contributing members of Canadian society.

Association Planning

  • Led a series of planning sessions with the ED and Executive Team to confirm the organizational development plan for Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. Focusing on reviewing and re-aligning the mandate with activities, outcomes and impact. Assessed infrastructure, resources, policies, core programs, social networking, membership, and board governance to support the long term operation and growth of the organization.