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Connie Ho Consulting

Connie Ho Consulting has been offering services in Non Profit Management, Organization Development and Report Writing since 2003. She has helped diverse organizations in the public, charitable and voluntary sectors.

Whether it is a small assignment or a community-wide project involving multiple partners, Connie Ho Consulting ensures that you get optimal result on time and on budget. She provides advice, planning, big picture thinking and program support to organizations. As a connector of people and resources, she can bridge existing gaps and inadequacies in your operation. She helps her clients in capacity building and organization development.

Serving Who?

  • Voluntary organizations: NGO, grassroots, think tanks, advocacy groups, membership club.
  • Nonprofit associations: Community association, social services, charitable organizations.
  • Professional societies: Council, committee, special agency, coalition, networks.
  • Public sector: Government department, hospital, education institutions.

Non-Profit Management Consultant has bright solutions

Challenges of Nonprofit and Charity Organization

In today’s voluntary sector, non-profits and charities face these challenges.

  1. Funding uncertainty is a reality. Donors lessen their contribution. Funding criteria become more stringent than before. How do you deliver adequate programs with dwindling dollars?
  2. Capacity building is an ongoing process. In order to function effectively, not for profit organizations need to evaluate and improve their infrastructure constantly. How do you achieve organizational effectiveness and build capacity?
  3. The changing needs of your community. Nowadays’ membership shows more diversity than previously. Members are no longer one homogenous group. Instead, they consist of individuals of diverse backgrounds. How do you ensure that your programs meet their specific needs?

Connie Ho Consulting is an integrator of vision, activities and outcomes. She provides customized strategies and solutions to help your organization put the best foot forward. Empower your association with streamlined functions, roles and resources. Contact Connie Ho now.


Connie Ho Consulting operates to achieve these goals:

  • Individuals – Enhance the well being of individuals by program development, knowledge sharing, dialogue and social participation.
  • Associations – Improve the effectiveness of non-profits by building organizational capacity from within; align vision, activities and resources for best result.
  • Community – Promote collaboration and communication among stakeholders; foster volunteerism, community action and mobilization for a better future.


Connie Ho Consulting offers Services for Organizations, Charities, and Government.