Connie Ho Consulting

Non-Profit Management, Organization Development, Research


Work Experience

Connie Ho’s not-for-profit management experience commenced in 2003. First, she occupied the junior position of Office Assistant at the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. Her duties included answering calls and managing a small resource library. As the Council grew with increased funding, she assumed the senior role of Executive Administrator. Connie worked closely with the Executive Director, Anne-Marie Pham, and became the ED’s right hand. She took a lead role in grant development, proposal writing, program management, organizational planning, board and committee governance. Her involvement in the Council gave her well-rounded skill and knowledge in social participation, individual empowerment and community action.

Apart from community organizations, Connie has worked at the public sector. She furnished administrative support to a Pediatric Research Unit at Alberta Children’s Hospital. This included project collaboration and information dissemination. Moreover, she assisted in promoting child health research, symposiums and rounds. The experience at the Children’s Hospital motivated Connie to continue her work in the voluntary sector, helping individuals and strengthening communities.

Consulting Experience

Connie Ho’s non-profit consulting experience includes her work with community-based agencies and broad-based organizations. She offered consulting services to the United Way for a major youth improvement program. At the University of Calgary, she spearheaded a series of research projects focusing on community mapping. Working jointly with the Principal Director Dr. Lloyd Wong and a team of subject experts, Connie led initiatives exploring capacity building. At the local level, Connie assisted non for profit associations in fund development and organization planning.

Non-Profit Management Consultant has bright solutions

Connie’s contribution produced positive outcome in the community. Her enthusiasm in individual well being brought differences in people’s lives. She possesses in-depth non-profit management experience. Her knowledge and multi-faceted skills add value to any organization. As a process and system enabler, Connie customizes her consulting services to meet her client’s needs, budget and timeline.

Connie Ho holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Sociology at Concordia University. Moreover, she completed further graduate studies in Research Methods, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology at University of Calgary.

Specific Skills

  • Big picture thinking – Facilitate collaborative thinking and objective analysis of situations
  • Listening skills – Adept at collecting diverse views, able to integrate opposing ideas to work
  • Streamlining – Skilled at streamlining process or procedures to achieve efficiency and transparency
  • Versatility – Able to provide any type of support whether it is planning, implementation or assessment.